Entertainment at the Station

Falkirk Herald October 16, 1886

The first of a series of fortnightly music and literary entertainments was given on Saturday evening last, in the Southern District School (kindly granted for the purpose by the school board.) The school was crowded to its utmost capacity, many being unable to gain admittance. Mr W.D. Murray, occupied the chair, and in a neat opening address, explained the reason for holding, and the nature of the meeting. The programme was a lengthy one, and occupied two hours, embracing solos, duets quartettes, and readings; also sections on pianoforte and violin. It is gratifying to note that the talent was drawn entirely from the immediate neighbourhood of Cumbernauld Station, and we understand the committee in charge of the meetings, have pleasure in stating that the whole of the winter programme will be completed without going far afield for aid. The district is nearly two miles form Cumbernauld village, with a considerable working class population, for whose benefit and amusement the meetings are chiefly got up. The committee deserve every encouragement in their laudable effort to wile away pleasantly and profitably the long winter evenings. A hearty vote of thanks, on the  motion of Mr N. Smith, to the chairman terminated the proceedings.


Of course, the goodwill of the local gentry was soon thwarted by the School Board who objected to the damage caused to the floor by the tackety boots of the working class population. Concerts were suspended until a new Southern District Hall could be built three years later. Full story here.

Sunday School Trips

Falkirk Herald June 27 1903

The Parish School trip took place on Saturday last to Netherwood Farm (Mr Torrance). The day was very fine, and the children received their customers supply of milk and buns, while the teachers were most hospitably entertained by Mrs Torrance. Sports were indulged in, and a large number of prizes were given. The children were driven home in carts supplied by the farmers. The Baird U.F.C. Sunday School had their trip at Kildrum Farm (Mr Muirhead) on the same day, and were equally well entertained with the usual refreshments and sports – Mrs Muirhead entertaining the teachers. The young people at both excursions had almost enjoyable time of it. The way of the brass band, however, which usually turned out on such occasions, was felt to some extent.

Closing of the Schools – Cumbernauld School and the Southern District School were closed for five weeks’ holidays on Thursday, when the annual religious examination was held, the examiners being the Rev. Messrs Ogilvie and Marr. The appearance made by the children in both schools was, according to the examiners, very satisfactory. Drumglass School closed on Friday, when it was also examined in religious knowledge.

Presentation to Mr James Stark

Falkirk Herald 01 Sept 1877

On Wednesday evening last Mr James Stark, of Cumbernauld Station, Caledonian Railway, was presented with a gold albert and locket, together with purse of sovereigns, on the occasion of his leaving the railway service to commence business on his own account as a merchant in Cumbernauld. The presentation was made by Mr N. Smith, in the name of the subscribers, who expressed the great respect in which Mr Stark was held by all who had occasion to come in contact with in the course of his duties, and their best wishes for his success in his new enterprise. Mr Stark made a brief and appropriate acknowledgement.

Boy injured

Falkirk Herald 26 May 1888

For more than four hours the thunderstorm raged over this district on Saturday afternoon. The first peal was loudest, and seemed to occur right above the village, making the children on the street to run screaming into their homes, and the very dogs to set up a howling and barking. Just at the time when the first peal occurred the Caledonian Railway cart, with its driver and his little boy sitting on it, was returning empty to the station. The horse got a fright and ran off, and through the sudden start of the horse the lad, named Clark, was tumbled off the cart, and falling right before the wheel, he received some severe injuries about the body and on one of his legs a deep flesh wound.


Village Visitors

Falkirk Herald 26 May 1888

 On Thursday a great many strangers from Glasgow visited the Village. The large brakes that run between Cumbernauld Station and the village were crammed with passengers who came with morning trains. The day was beautifully fine, and the visitors enjoyed themselves in the glens, which at present, are looking their best. The number of strangers was not as large as in former years, the great show on the banks of the Kelvin being an attraction for Glasgow people this summer


Shocking Occurrence at a Glasgow Station

Dundee Courier 24 October 1882

Station-master killed.

A few minutes past six o’clock on Saturday morning the dead body of Mr John Carson, station-master at Cumbernauld Station, was found lying on the rails at the goods yard of the Caledonian Railway at Buchanan Street. The body was shockingly mangled, the head being almost detached from the body, while there was a gash on the left side and injuries on other parts of the body. There is little doubt that Mr Carson met his death by being run over by one or other of the locomotives which during the night were engaged in shunting operations at the goods station. Mr Carson left Cumbernauld on Friday night about eight o’clock, and came into Glasgow for the purpose of attending a demonstration, intending to return to Cumbernauld by the 9.20 train. It is supposed that he had lost that train, and had gone to the goods station with the view of getting home by a goods train. At the station he must in the darkness have missed his way, and been knocked down and run over by a locomotive.


Accident at the Station

Falkirk Herald – 20 April 1895

On Monday evening a Glasgow man, who evidently wished to travel from Buchanan St to St Rollox, found that the train did not stop at the latter station. The first stoppage being Cumbernauld Station, he attempted to get out on the wrong side while the train was in motion, with the result that he was discovered at about 11 o’clock with his arm nearly off. The Perth train, which was due to pass about a quarter of an hour afterwards, was stopped, and the unfortunate man was conveyed to the Royal Infirmary. He belonged to Springburn.


Dishonest Appropriation of Goods

At Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday, Margaret Wilson, farm servant, was charged with having on 31st July  last in the shop in Masonic Buildings, Cumbernauld Station, Cumbernauld, occupied by William Mair, pretended she had been sent by Mrs Paton, Seafar Farm, Cumbernauld, for a pair of boots, two pounds of biscuits, four yards of tape, and a halfpenny worth of needles, and thereby did induce Mrs Mair to give her two pair of boots, two pounds of biscuits, four yards of tape and a halfpenny worth of needles, which she had no intention of paying for, and which she appropriated for her own use. She pleaded not guilty, but was convicted on evidence. Accused, who had been twice previously convicted, absconded at the time, and has just been apprehended in Inverary. She was sent to prison for 60 days.

Carriage Accident

Falkirk Herald 22nd May 1909
Last week an accident which might have attended with fatal result occurred at the Spur Inn corner, when a motor car ran into a machine owned Mr George Watkins, who is a carriage hirer in the place. Mr Watkins had passengers for the 12.30 train to Glasgow, and while passing the Spur, and making for Carlisle Road, the motor ran into him, striking the horse and knocking it down and breaking the shafts of the machine. Beyond a fright, none of the passengers was hurt.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Falkirk Herald 12th June 1897

Jubilee Arrangements – An influential committee is busy at work making the necessary arrangements for a demonstration of school children from Cumbernauld, Arns, and Southern District on the Diamond Jubilee Day. Mr Muirhead, Kildrum Farm, has kindly granted a field for the occasion, and the Camelon Band is engaged for the day. The inhabitants of the district are taking considerable interest in it, and subscriptions are coming in well. The School Board is also taking an active part in the matter, so that a successful day is anticipated.
On Sunday 20 June, 1897, Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee Accession Day at Windsor Castle.