Shocking Occurrence at a Glasgow Station

Dundee Courier 24 October 1882

Station-master killed.

A few minutes past six o’clock on Saturday morning the dead body of Mr John Carson, station-master at Cumbernauld Station, was found lying on the rails at the goods yard of the Caledonian Railway at Buchanan Street. The body was shockingly mangled, the head being almost detached from the body, while there was a gash on the left side and injuries on other parts of the body. There is little doubt that Mr Carson met his death by being run over by one or other of the locomotives which during the night were engaged in shunting operations at the goods station. Mr Carson left Cumbernauld on Friday night about eight o’clock, and came into Glasgow for the purpose of attending a demonstration, intending to return to Cumbernauld by the 9.20 train. It is supposed that he had lost that train, and had gone to the goods station with the view of getting home by a goods train. At the station he must in the darkness have missed his way, and been knocked down and run over by a locomotive.