Cars Collide

Falkirk Herald Aug 19th 1933 On Saturday and alarming motor smash occurred at South Cumbernauld at the point where the road from Palacerigg Labour Colony joins the Carlisle Road. A’bus conveying men from the Colony to Glasgow was emerging on to the main road, when an English-owned motor lorry struck it, and smashed part of the ‘bus. Three of the ‘bus occupants were injured and received medical attention from Dr Glen. They were afterwards removed to Glasgow Royal Infirmary for further treatment. Francis Smith (28), Argyle St, Glasgow, was the most seriously hurt, his injuries being to his side. Charles Campbell (44), Lawmoor Street, received nasal injuries, and Robert Murray (23), Oakhill Road, sustained eye and leg wounds.

Note: Dr Glen attended me in my very early days and his daughter taught me maths at Lenzie Academy in the mid-60s.