Boy injured

Falkirk Herald 26 May 1888

For more than four hours the thunderstorm raged over this district on Saturday afternoon. The first peal was loudest, and seemed to occur right above the village, making the children on the street to run screaming into their homes, and the very dogs to set up a howling and barking. Just at the time when the first peal occurred the Caledonian Railway cart, with its driver and his little boy sitting on it, was returning empty to the station. The horse got a fright and ran off, and through the sudden start of the horse the lad, named Clark, was tumbled off the cart, and falling right before the wheel, he received some severe injuries about the body and on one of his legs a deep flesh wound.


Village Visitors

Falkirk Herald 26 May 1888

 On Thursday a great many strangers from Glasgow visited the Village. The large brakes that run between Cumbernauld Station and the village were crammed with passengers who came with morning trains. The day was beautifully fine, and the visitors enjoyed themselves in the glens, which at present, are looking their best. The number of strangers was not as large as in former years, the great show on the banks of the Kelvin being an attraction for Glasgow people this summer


Carriage Accident

Falkirk Herald 22nd May 1909
Last week an accident which might have attended with fatal result occurred at the Spur Inn corner, when a motor car ran into a machine owned Mr George Watkins, who is a carriage hirer in the place. Mr Watkins had passengers for the 12.30 train to Glasgow, and while passing the Spur, and making for Carlisle Road, the motor ran into him, striking the horse and knocking it down and breaking the shafts of the machine. Beyond a fright, none of the passengers was hurt.