Kildrum along with Easter and Wester Carbrain (as named in 1792), Hole, Greenyards, Fannyside were part of the Estates of Cumbernauld. In the Caledonian Mercury of July 19, 1792 Kildrum Farm is advertised for let – “147 acres, inclofed and fubdivided”

In March 1796 Matthew Finlayson from the parish of Dunblane came to farm at Kildrum. He was the younger brother of Dr James Finayson, who became professor of Logic in the University of Edinburgh and a colleague of the celebrated Dr Hugh Blair, also in the ministry of the High Church, Edinburgh. About 1819 Mr Williamson left Kildrum after a residence of 23 years and went to Waterhead, where we believe he bought a small property and in 1827 took the farm of Carbrane. His son William became sole tenant of Carbrane and remained so for 40 years. (Extract from Falkirk Herald May 1870 reflecting on the life of William Finlayson)


Kildrum 1957 © Douglas Campbell

Kildrum 1957 © Douglas Campbell

In 1841 Kildrum was farmed by David Thom (35) born in 1806. The census records:

David Thom 35
Margret Ferguson 20
Alexander McPhan 20
Elizabeth Black 20;
Mary Black 18; William Smith 15; Janet Hall 15; Janet Thom 3


He is still there in 1851

David Thom but recorded as being born in 1802 and thus 49 years old
Janet S Thom 48 – Farmers Wife
Janet Shall (Hall) 25 – Neice, Dressmaker
John Marshall 20 – Nephew Farm Servant
Janet McVille 19 – General Servant
Margaret Marshall 18 – Neice, Farmer’s Daughter
James McLaine 17 – Nephew, House Servant
Note: No Janet Thom recorded who would have been 13 at the time of this census.


In 1865 a “Cattle Plague” struck many farms in the area and 8 cows were removed, destroyed and buried in Kildrum. The actual disease is not defined but farmers had to dispose of all their animals or face heavy fines. Foot and Mouth may have been the plague described.

Thom_KildrumA Farm Auction in Aug 1870 is advertised in the name of Mrs David Thom. We may conclude that husband David had died and everything was up for sale  including “9 Favourite Ayrshire Milch Cows”.

August 1876 – a sale of potatoes is advertised in the Falkirk Herald by farmer Mr James Muirhead.

Falkirk Herald 12th June 1897 Preparations are being made for the Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and Mr Muirhead is at the farm.

An influential committee is busy at work making the necessary arrangements for a demonstration of school children from Cumbernauld, Arns, and Southern District on the Diamond Jubilee Day. Mr Muirhead, Kildrum Farm, has kindly granted a field for the occasion, and the Camelon Band is engaged for the day. The inhabitants of the district are taking considerable interest in it, and subscriptions are coming in well. The School Board is also taking an active part in the matter, so that a successful day is anticipated.

On Sunday 20 June, 1897, Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee Accession Day at Windsor Castle.